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My division of labor
"He Dong, vice mayor of Wuhu, is responsible for industry, human resources and social security, ecological environment, investment promotion, patriotic health, health, medical security, drug and medical consumables management, etc.
He is in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau (Enterprise Service Bureau), the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, the Municipal Health Committee (Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Municipal Medical Security Bureau, and the Municipal Drug and Medical Consumables Management Center.
He is in charge of liaison with the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, the Wuhu Power Supply Company, the Wuhu Administrative Office run by the Provincial Radio Regulatory Commission, and various telecommunications agencies in Wuhu. Energy conservation and environmental protection equipment industry, industrial internet, shared economy industry and new display industry.""
"Dong He, male, Han Chinese, born in June 1970 in Susong, Anhui Province, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1992. He obtained his master’s degree from the Party School of the CPC Committee.
1990.09-1992.07 Student majored in mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment in Anhui Mechanical and Electrical Institute.
1992.07-1993.02 Operator of the press workshop of Wuhu Electrical Machinery Plant and secretary of Communist Youth League branch
1993.02-1995.04 Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Wuhu Electric Machinery Factory and technician of the Automation Branch Factory.
1995.04-1996.12 Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Wuhu Machinery Bureau.
1996.12-1998.05 Minister of Organization Department of Wuhu Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League.
(1995.08-1997.12 Studying in the undergraduate class of correspondence college of the Central Party School majoring in foreign economy).
1998.05-2006.06 Deputy Secretary of Wuhu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Party Member.
(2002.09-2005.07 Studying economics and management in the on-the-job postgraduate class of Anhui Provincial Party School).
2006.06-2008.02 Secretary of Wuhu Party Committee of the Communist Youth League and secretary of leading Party group.
2008.02-2009.02 Deputy Secretary of Nanling County Committee.
2009.02-2009.03 Deputy Secretary of Fanchang County Committee and Candidate for County Head of County Government
2009.03-2012.12 Deputy Secretary of Fanchang County Committee and County Head of County Government
2012.12-2018.01 Secretary of Jinghu District Committee.
2018.01-2018.03 Deputy Mayor of the municipal government, member of the municipal government party committee, secretary of Jinghu District Committee.
2018.03-2021.07 Vice Mayor and Member of Party Leadership Group of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government.
2021.07- Member of Standing Committee of CPC Wuhu Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Vice Mayor of Wuhu Municipal People’s Government."