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Wuhu Fantawild Dreamland is located in the east of Wuhu city, Anhui Province, covering an area of 700,000 square meters(840,000 square yards), with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. It is another modern comprehensive theme park constructed by Shenzhen Huaqiang Entertainment and Technology in Wuhu after Fantawild Adventure. As renowned tourist destinations along the tourism map of the Yangtze River Delta, Fantawild series boast a world of amusement projects and the magic wonder of science and technology, bringing tourists a unique and unforgettable experience.
With the help of high technologies, Fantawild Adventure offers a wide range of appealing themes. Cartoons, film tricks and other international elements of fashion and entertainment are perfectly combined with traditional Chinese culture in an exquisite way, creating a magical world full of fantasy and creativity. Fantawild Adventure consists of more than 10 project sections and more than 200 projects ranging from themes, entertainment and leisure to sightseeing, including Magic Castle, the Flooding of Jinshan Temple, Light of Life, Monkey King, Light of Ancient Civilization, Warrior’s Tomb Adventure, X-cops, Cave of Silver Web, Cartoon Castle, Happy World, etc.
Here are some famous projects. The Warrior’s Tomb Adventure is a super-large indoor project providing risky traveling exploration. The Magic Castle is a tracking-type magic show bringing three-dimensional experiences. The Toby Adventure is a dynamic shooting game, one of the earliest creations of similar types in China. Flooding of Jinshan Temple, one of the world’s top high-tech projects of water disasters makes visitors feel like being surrounded by tempestuous surges of flood. The Monkey King, a large-scale original stage play, creates a novel and peculiar visual effect of wonder. Cave of Silver Web, a modern large-scale environment-themed theater, tells a familiar but adapted story of the Journey to the West. Light of Life and Light of Ancient Civilization take visitors into a journey of exploration into the mysterious code of the evolution of life and civilization respectively. The project of X-cops, the same name as in the movie, allows visitors to experience the thrilling high-tech battles in the future world. More projects like Walking Hammar, Wave Tumbling, Pirate Ship, Rounding Cup, Sounding Shuttle, Speeding Car and the like can provide visitors with a splendid experience of extreme sports and excitement unparalleled.
Welcome to the Wuhu Fantawild Adventure, a fantastic adventure to challenge yourself, to release your potential and to fulfill your dream. With history and future encountering and with reality and dream overlapping, Wuhu Fantawild Adventure will offer you what you want and what you can imagine.
Bus lines: Take Line 4w, 42w, 45w, 226w, Tour1, Tour2 or 105w (nighttime bus) to the Stop of Wuhu Fantawild Dreamland.
1. Guests from cities of Ma 'anshan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou can take the Shanghai-Nanjing and Nanjing-Ma’anshan-Wuhu Expressway to Wuhu East Toll Station, and then get to the destination by following road signs.
2. Guests from Hefei, Chaohu and other northern Anhui cities can turn to Wuhu East Toll Station and follow the road signs to reach the theme park.
3. Guests from Xuancheng, Hangzhou and the like can take Wuhu-Xuancheng-Hangzhou Expressway to get off at the exit of Wuhu Toll Station, and then follow the road signs.
4. Guests from Jiangxi Province and the cities like Tongling and Huangshan can drive along Wuhu-Dadukou Expressway by way of Tongling to Wuhu Exit, and then follow the road signs.