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Torrejon de Ardoz, along the Río Henares, is located in the east of Madrid Autonomous Region. This city lies at 40 ° 27 ° 30’N and 30 ° 28 ° 40’W, with an average altitude of 600 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. According to the census in 1996, Torrejon de Ardoz has a population of 88,251, accounting for 1.76% of the population of Madrid Autonomous Region.  it covers an area of 32.49 square kilometers. As for the transportation, this city is connected to the cities of Aharwei and Dagunso to the north and the city of Paracueyo del Harama to the northwest by the Madrid-Zaragoza railway. In addition, Madrid-Barajas International Airport (also named as Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas in Spanish) is not far from the city. 

Torrejon de Ardoz has a dry Mediterranean climate with an average annual temperature of 14 degrees, an average temperature of 5 degrees in January and 24 degrees in July. Eucalyptus, willow and poplar trees can be seen everywhere in the city.

The majority of the population of Torrejon de Ardoz are engaged in the service sector, accounting for 50% of the employment while another 40% of the population work in industrial production. Therefore, agriculture is relatively weak.

Almost 10% of the city’s area is for industrial purpose, so industries are thriving, including metal construction, metal manufacturing, paper making, printing, publication, electronics and electrical appliances. Most of the enterprises in these sectors are small and medium-sized ones. As for the service industry, business and tourism are most renowned. Business industry is mainly retail-based, represented by first of all food retailing, then by textile industry and manufacturing industry, and finally by household commodity production. Tourism is famous for various bars and coffee houses.

The city of Wuhu and Torrejon de Ardoz singed to become sister cities on September 8, 1999.
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