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West Covina, a city in Los Angeles County, is 32 kilometers east to the City of Los Angeles. It covers an area of 44 square kilometers,with an altitude of 110 meters. It has a population of 111,400, among which Chinese immigrants account for 20%. The city’s per capita annual income is $50,000. As for the weather, average annual rainfall in the city is about 56 centimeters.

In the second half of the 20th century, West Covina began to develop rapidly with a number of large scale projects implemented, including the city hall. It now has 5 community colleges, 13 public and 7 private elementary schools, 3 public junior high schools, 2 high schools and a school for adult education in addition to kindergartens and vocational schools. There are 5 hospitals, 16 parks and 3 cultural and sports centers in the city. Scenic spots can be reached within an hour’s drive. Ontario International Airport is located 32 kilometers east of the city, while Los Angeles International Airport is 64 kilometers west.

Light industry and retail industry are the leading industries for the city. Automobile sales, in particular, are the city’s mainstay with sales volume reaching more than $1 billion a year, ranking first in Los Angeles County. Thanks to the convenient expressways, abundant labor resources, low-cost housing, competitive land and lease prices, large enterprises have settled down in San Gabriel Valley one after another.

Large enterprises in West Covina include San Gabriel Valley Distribution Company, Target, Penske Automotive, Macy’s and JC Penny. Every four years, the city will elect five City Council members and the Mayor of the city will be further elected among them. The City Council appoints Council-Manager, who administers public utilities. The municipal budget is about $100 million each year. In 2006, the average middle household income was about $60,670.

The city of Wuhu and West Covina were officially established as sister cities on March 1, 2010.
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