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Introduction to the City of Pavia, Italy   Updated:2019-11-14 16:53   Hits:

Pavia, a famous city in south-western Lombardy of Italy, 35 km south of Milan is located at the confluence of Ticino river(提契诺河) and the Po river(波河). Pavia has more rain in spring and autumn and less rain in summer and winter. The temperature of the plain area in the north is higher than that in the south, and the mountain area is in low temperature. Besides, it has summer droughts and winter snows.

Pavia  traditionally well-known for its agriculture, is now an industrial and transportation hub as well. Some industries are well developed such as textile, metal, chemicals, machinery and food processing. Despite the well-developed industries, most of the factories are located in the suburb, which protects the peaceful life of the Pavia people from being disturbed by industrialization.

Calcite and talc are the well-known minerals in Pavia. Moreover, musk deer, small fish and turtle abound  in its humid areas. Pavia has a reputation as  “the capital of leather shoes” due to its well-developed shoemaking industry. It’s also famous for wine, especially champagne. Pavia boasts a strong cultural atmosphere and has a famous university of higher learning, University of Pavia, which has a long history over thousands of years.

As early as Roman times, Pavia was an extremely important military strategic point and the last military fortress of Goth and Byzantine. Today, Pavia is a municipality with 90,000 residents, rich in grape wine, rice and dairy products.

On January 25, 1988, the city of Wuhu and Pavia officially signed to become sister cities.
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