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Introduction to the City of Kochi, Japan   Updated:2019-11-14 16:52   Hits:

The city of Kochi, formerly known as Tosanokuni, is located in the far south of Shikoku with Shikoku Mountains to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. With a population of 320,000, Kochi is the seat of Kochi prefectural government. The current mayor is Okazaki Seiya.Kochi has a compatible climate with sufficient rainfall. The average altitude in the urban area is about 6 meters. Due to its mild climate, rice is the main agricultural crop. Besides, vegetable plantation and flowers cultivation within plastic greenhouse are famous. Kochi is also renowned for the Japanese wine.

In terms of industries, traditional handicraft industries are well-known for hand-made iron kitchen knives and agricultural appliances. The traditional hand-made paper industry, famous for Tosa paper (similar to Chinese rice paper), and handicraft industry, famous for coral artifacts, have also gained reputation. On the whole, Kochi features industries like food manufacturing, publishing and printing, wooden products manufacturing, general machinery manufacturing and metal product manufacturing. Tourist attractions in Kochi city include Kochi Castile, the Harimaya Bridge, Godaisan Chikurinji, Ryugado Cave, Katsurahama, aquarium, etc.Yosakoi, a traditional festival in Kochi, falls on August each year.

The city of Wuhu and Kochi signed to become sister cities on April 19, 1985.
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